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Yeongsan of Yeongsanjae is a shortened word of Yeongsanhoesang. And Jae of YeongsanJae came from the word of Uposadha in Sanskrit with the meaning of offering ceremony among monks. When Buddha preached in Mt. Yeongchwi all audiences, hosts of other terrestial and celestial beings, and out-guards were went into great ecstacy upon hearing the sermon as well as Sakradevanan Indra of entire universe, many Bodhisattvas, gods and goddesses. Mandara flowers were floating down from the heaven. Myoeum Bosal [Bodhisattva] as well as heavenly boys and girls came down to earth to dedicate flowers and incenses with music and dance to Buddha. All these divine spectacles are summerized into a ceremony, Yeongsanjae. In Yeongsanjae Namudaeseong-inrowang Bosal[Bodhisattva] guides the ceremony of the day in the temple. The purposes of Yeongsanjae are to teach the emancipation from rebirth and the new life in the heaven to the deceased, to remind the public of Buddha's teachings and to encourage their belief with all present revivals of Yeongsanjae in Buddha's time. It helps all living creatures to form a connection with Buddhism and to get a salvation from Karmas and an enlightenment.